The most sustainable non-stick coated baking tin series available

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We are proud to present our new “Green Vision” baking tin series.
From ring cake to springform – every product in the range is CO2-neutral.

Why you will love it ...

The Zenker promise

for the most sustainable non-stick coated baking tin series available with Carnauba wax

Why you will love it ...

Why you will love it ...

The Green Vision collection

Innovative non-stick coating
Guaranteed climate-neutral
Resource conservation & fair trade
50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders
Responsible forestry

What makes Green Vision the most sustainable non-stick coated baking tin series available?

Innovative non-stick coating

The coating contains Carnauba wax, and conforms to the ILAG maximizing green standards. Of course, the series offers optimal non-stick properties. Currently, we are able to replace the coating used on our baking tins with up to 5% Carnauba wax. We are working to increase this percentage over time.

Resource conservation

The wax required for the tins is harvested from leaves of the Carnauba palm. The trees are a renewable resource, and can be reused after harvesting, for instance in weaving or roofing.

For sustainable forestry

FSC® stands for “Forest Stewardship Council®”. This is an international certification system for more sustainable forestry practices. Wood and paper used for kitchen utensils and packaging with the FSC® seal comes from forests managed in a more responsible manner.

Guaranteed climate-neutral

All unavoidable emissions generated during production are compensated through supporting various climate protection projects. This means the products, and the entire value creation chain, are climate-neutral.

Fair trade

The plantations where Carnauba wax is harvested are IBD certified. This certificate verifies that the wax is harvested in compliance with social standards and under ecologically appropriate working conditions.

50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

Zenker is a Fackelmann brand – and therefore one of the 50 Climate Leaders. The goal of the initiative is to highlight companies that are committed to sustainable business practices and climate protection. The Climate Leaders initiative is supported by the UN.

We stand for transparency

Insight into the manufacturing process

Carnauba wax is the world’s hardest naturally occurring wax. That makes it one of the few renewable raw materials that can withstand the temperatures required to manufacture baking tins. In addition, the wax is vegan and offers outstanding non-stick properties.

The Carnauba wax is harvested from IBD certified plantations in Brazil. To export our raw materials, we use suppliers that have been awarded the “Fair for Life” certificate. Our suppliers in Germany as well, where our pigmentation colours are produced, also have “Fair for Life” certification.

Then the coating is manufactured and transferred to the raw material,

after which we manufacture the final product in Aichach. The baking tins are now finished and ready for sale.

We compensate for the CO2 released during production by investing in three selected climate protection projects.


Why are we offsetting the carbon emissions of our Green Vision series?

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are taking a three-pronged approach to emissions: avoiding what we can, reducing unavoidable emissions and offsetting those that cannot be avoided or reduced.

Our baking tins are manufactured at our production facility in Aichach – in compliance with high environmental standards and with the short transport routes associated with the central location. This means that we can already avoid many carbon emissions. We are constantly researching new, environmentally friendly materials, production methods and technologies. We are also reducing our emissions by constantly expanding the use of energy-efficient machines and ecologically generated energy.

In addition, we are consciously offsetting the unavoidable emissions generated during our production processes by participating in high-quality climate change projects. Our offsetting measures are based on a reliable carbon balance that expresses our overall corporate carbon footprint (CCF) and product carbon footprint (PCF).

For this purpose, we first work with our certification partner to calculate our total emissions – from the heating consumption in our offices to the transportation of our finished products. The next step is to make every effort to reduce our emissions (e.g. by using green electricity or more climate-friendly materials). In the last step, all unavoidable emissions that cannot be reduced in the previous steps are then offset through our participation in international, certified climate change projects. These are reflected transparently by the project IDs on our website or product packaging.

In collaboration with ClimatePartner, we are sponsoring three selected climate change projects for the construction and maintenance of clean ovens – one in Peru and another in Kenya – and the extraction of clean drinking water in India. For more information on our carbon neutrality and the positive impact that our sponsored projects have on the climate, environment and society, please visit

Clean ovens for Peru
Clean ovens for Nairobi, Kenya
In both Peru and Kenya, meals are often prepared on an open fire. This produces air pollution, which causes the deaths of up to four million people each year. Most of those affected are women and young children. To prevent these impacts, ClimatePartner is supplying clean ovens to families, most of whom reside in rural areas. This means the families are no longer exposed to smoke during cooking, reducing the hazard to their health. The ovens also eliminate the CO2 which would otherwise be emitted into the air by the fire.
Clean drinking water for Odisha, India
Clean drinking water for Odisha, India
We are also supporting a project to ensure clean drinking water in Odisha, India. Over two million children die of cholera or typhus in India each year. These illnesses are spread primarily through contaminated drinking water. Just 32 percent of the population of India has access to treated water. Because of this, many people boil water on an open fire. This practice produces smoke, which can cause respiratory illnesses or eye infections. In addition, the region's high consumption of firewood results in deforestation.

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